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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of the centuries-old experience of Fratelli Carli in the selection and production of oil that is balanced and rich in flavor.

Naturally gluten free.
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicate aroma and a fine scent of olives without strong aromatic notes.
It is fruity, with a slight hint of almonds. Its color is green with beautiful golden reflections.

Naturally gluten free.

Serving Suggestions

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is absolutely perfect on raw vegetable salads, as its flavor and aroma is very rich.Try it on seafood, even meat and fish,giving them a delicious taste and aroma.
Oxidation is considered a major cause of loss of quality of olive oil, and is the determining factor for its deterioration. This is a process that occurs when the oil is exposed to direct sunlight or contact with oxygen during production, packaging or storage Carli’s oil is always packed in new and scrupulously clean containers. We use glass bottles because this material allows greater stability of the organoleptic characteristics.
The bottles are made of dark green glass to reduce light exposure, and to protect the oil from ultraviolet radiation. When choosing your storage location, remember that heat, air, and light are the enemies of oil.

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