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Olive Oils Duo

Choose the most suitable Carli Olive Oil for your taste and for your dishes at a price discounted to the purchase of individual boxes.

Two Oils for two unique flavors: the delicate, perfectly balanced taste of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our gentle, versatile Pure Olive Oil.

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Olive Oils Duo

Characteristics (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a greenish-yellow color with golden highlights, has the typical aroma of an oil fresh from the olive mill, with light, delicate notes and almond undertones.

Characteristics (Pure Olive Oil)

Easily and immediately identified by its clear yellow-gold color, it is the gentle, sweet flavor that makes this oil a classic no kitchen should ever be without.


The ideal storage temperature is 10/20 degrees centigrade. Direct or indirect sunlight speeds up oxidation, so unopened bottles are best kept in a dark place, although the green glass preserves the quality of the Oil to a large extent.

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