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Pasta from Gragnano PGI Spaghetti
2 Bags of 17.6 oz
Price reduced from $14.90 to $11.90
Pesto Sauce
2 Jars of 4.59 oz
Price reduced from $18.80 to $16.90
Basil Tomato Pasta Sauce
2 Jars of 9.5 oz
Price reduced from $19.90 to $15.90


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Don't just do, do well

This is the principle that guides us and drives us to focus on every detail, always: on what we produce, on our service, on our relationship with our customers. This is how we transform a good product into an experience to remember.

Innovating tradition

Excellence is what we desire to see in all our products. Starting with our olive oil, from where everything began more than a century ago, all the way to the food specialties that are the fruit of our vocation.


Being a part of the daily eating habits of families is a great responsibility that we take seriously, because we know that this trust must be repaid with quality, care and respect.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Changes in tastes and lifestyles provide us with new stimuli that we are eager to grasp and integrate with the values that we recognise. In this way we continually transform authentic ingredients into delicious dishes ready to be served at your table each and every day.