White Balsamic Vinegar

The fruity bouquet and gentle flavor make our clear White Balsamic Vinegar the perfect partner to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, from starters through to desserts.

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White Balsamic Vinegar

The process

Our White Balsamic Vinegar combines white wine vinegar and both classic grape musts - with an intense, distinctive fragrance – and the must of aromatic grape varieties such as Moscato, with a subtle fruity aroma.


White wine vinegar, rectified concentrated grape must, grape must.
Contains sulphites



The intense, fruity aroma is a prelude to the sweet-and-sour flavor, with fresh, balanced notes that will appeal even to those not so keen on the piquant taste typical of classic vinegar. Because it is clear, our deliciously gentle White Balsamic Vinegar allows the colors of your culinary creations to shine through unaltered.

Our advice

Colorless and with a deliciously gentle flavor, it is the ideal complement to any dish and a delight for the palate. Try drizzling it over a fresh salad or cooked vegetables, as an ingredient for sauces, or to add that extra little something to meat and fish. Its versatility will amaze you.

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