Almond Cantuccini Cookies

Authentic Tuscan tradition in the form of a biscuit. The traditional baking process and the top-quality ingredients make our Almond Cantuccini Cookies the perfect choice for a deliciously sweet break.

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Almond Cantuccini Cookies


Our crisp, short Cantuccini have maintained their distinctive, traditional elliptical shape. Golden-brown biscuits that reveal whole shelled almonds on the inside, chosen with great care. This is the ingredient, together with the honey, that gives the deliciously fragrant specialty its perfectly balanced, fully rounded flavor.


Almond Cantuccini Cookies

wheat flour, sugar, almonds (20%), egg yolk, eggs, whole milk, butter, honey, raising agents: disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt, flavourings. Contains wheat, almonds, eggs and milk. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Our advice

Enjoy them with a cup of tea, coffee or cappuccino; try them dipped in hot chocolate; savor the finely nuanced flavor along with a sweet dessert wine. Or do as the Italians do: in Tuscany, it is traditional to offer the Cantuccini to guests along with “Vin Santo”, as a dessert.

Our Almond Cantuccini Cookies are packed in two 200g bags, to keep all their fresh flavor intact.

Did you know that...

Our Almond Cantuccini Cookies are so crisp because they are “bis-cuit”, i.e. baked twice, making them impeccably short and crisp and giving them a beautiful golden-brown color.

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