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Soft Amaretti and Almond Cantuccini Duo Offer

Discover two historic Italian pastry recipes to sample the aromas and flavors of two regions where good food has a truly unique taste.

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Soft Amaretti and Almond Cantuccini Duo Offer

Soft Amaretti - Characteristics

Our Soft Amaretti are amber in color, with cracks on the surface and dusted with sugar, with the characteristic aroma of Amaretto liquor. Beneath the fine golden crust lies a soft, inviting, fragrant little delicacy, in which the persistent, unmistakable bitter note of the apricot kernel blends smoothly with the classic sweet flavor of the almonds.

Ready packed in practical single packs to maintain all their freshness and aroma. Simply store in a cool, dry place.

Almond Cantuccini - Characteristics

Our crisp, short Cantuccini have maintained their distinctive, traditional elliptical shape. Golden-brown biscuits that reveal whole shelled almonds on the inside, chosen with great care. This is the ingredient, together with the honey, that gives the deliciously fragrant specialty its perfectly balanced, fully rounded flavor.

Soft Amaretti - Ingredients

Sugar, apricot almonds, egg white, almonds, glucose syrup.
Preservative agent: potassium sorbate.
Contains egg and tree nuts.

Oven baked, subject to natural weight loss, home-made.

Almond Cantuccini -Ingredients

Wheat flour, sugar, almonds (20%), egg yolk, eggs, whole milk, butter, honey, raising agents: disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt, flavourings. Contains wheat, almonds, eggs and milk. Keep in a cool and dry place.

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