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Italian Pandolcino Fruitcake with Olive Oil

The typical pastry of Genoa, soft and crumbly, rich in raisins and candied fruit, made with our Olive Oil instead of butter.

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Italian Pandolcino Fruitcake with Olive Oil


Our Pandolcino is a small round pastry, a totally original shortcrust pastry as it does not contain butter but only our Olive Oil. Golden and soft, it is rich in sweet raisins, pine nuts and natural candied fruit - orange and cedar peel. A completely natural recipe, without sulfites, preservatives, aromas and colorings, for a sweet and inviting taste. The fragrance recalls a freshly baked sweet bread with the sweet and citrus aroma hinting of the filling inside.


wheat flour, raisins, olive oil 11%, sugar, candied orange and citron (orange rind, citron, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, citric acid), Marsala wine, eggs, raising agents (baking soda, disodium diphosphate), pine nuts, salt.

Characterizing ingredients
Short pastry made with olive oil instead of butter.
Candied fruit and raisins.

Contains wheat, eggs and pine nuts.
May contain traces of soy, other tree nuts and milk.

Our advice

A little everyday treat, perfect for breakfast,a snack or as a dessert to finish off a meal.
To enjoy it to the full, team a slice of our Italian fruitcake with a cup of tea or coffee, some confectioner’s cream or ice cream or a dessert wine.

Did you know that

Legend has it that the Italian fruitcake Pandolcino was created thanks to Doge Andrea Doria, who announced a baking competition to come up with a rich, nourishing cake that would keep for a long time, so it could be enjoyed by sailors during their voyages.