Soft Amaretti Cookies

Deliciously soft and delicate, made with prime-quality apricot kernels for a bitter counterpoint to the sweetness of the almonds, which leave the lasting impression on the tastebuds.

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Soft Amaretti Cookies

The process

A soft mix of apricot kernels and sweet almonds, chosen whole so they can be ground immediately before use. Prepared according to the original recipe, they have a different shape every time, thanks to the complete artisanal kneading and cutting process, which avoids squeezing and forcing and maintains the soft texture.


 Sugar, apricot almonds, egg white, almonds, glucose syrup.
Preservative agent: potassium sorbate, sulfur dioxide. 
Contains egg, tree nuts, sulfites.

Oven baked, subject to natural weight loss. Store in a cool dry place. Being individually packed in a small bags, Fratelli Carli Amaretti maintain the original freshness and softness.



Our Soft Amaretti Cookies are amber in color, with cracks on the surface and dusted with sugar, with the characteristic aroma of Amaretto liquor. Beneath the fine golden crust lies a soft, inviting, fragrant little delicacy, in which the persistent, unmistakable bitter note of the apricot kernel blends smoothly with the classic sweet flavor of the almonds.

Ready packed in practical single packs to maintain all their freshness and aroma. Simply store in a cool, dry place.

Did you know that...

On their own, the nuances of the rich, satisfying flavor shift back and forth between sweet and bitter.  They are also the perfect partner for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of dessert wine.

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