Organic Oregano Leaves

A fragrant Italian herb with an incredibly distinctive, persistent aroma, which it maintains when dried.

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Organic Oregano Leaves

The Process

The oregano is carefully selected and picked when perfectly ripe to enhance aroma and flavor. It is then dried and chopped within 24 hours, which maintains the rich aroma and distinctive flavor intact.

Our range of Organic Seasonings is inspired by the traditional cuisine of the Liguria region: simple, genuine and featuring mostly vegetables.
This same genuine simplicity is the hallmark of our Organic Seasonings, made from the most typical herbs used in Mediterranean dishes, all exclusively organic and grown in Italy and boasting a marvelous aroma ready to bring a special touch to an array of dishes.


Organic oregano leaves.


Characteristics and storage

Strong, persistent, distinctive aroma.
Store in a cool, dry places away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Distinctive feature of the pack: practical mill with a special top so the herbs can be ground coarsely or more finely.

A tip from us

With its distinctive, persistent aroma, oregano is ideal for enhancing the flavor of a wide variety of dishes.
A must-have for salads, tomatoes, pizza, grilled meat, and to make delicious tomato sauces.