Crispy Focaccia

Simply irresistible little golden squares: genuine goodness at its best.

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Crispy Focaccia

The process

The secret behind our Crispy Focaccia is the traditional home-baked recipe, 100% natural and free from preservatives. The fine, crisp dough is rolled out by hand, holes are punched in it and it is spread with salt water and our Olive Oil: the key ingredient that gives it such an excellent flavor and superbly crisp consistency.


Wheat flour, olive oil 14%, yeast, salt, barley malt. Contains wheat and barley. May contain traces of eggs, fish, soybeans, milk, tree nuts, sesame seeds. Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened keep in an airtight container.



Golden brown, with a crisp, crunchy consistency and the characteristic flavor of the focaccia, a genuine, typical specialty from the Liguria region.

To keep it as fresh as possible, our Crispy Focaccia comes in two 150g packs inside a box.


Our advice

Delicious on its own, as a healthy, tasty snack any time of day, it is also the perfect accompaniment to our Creams, Mayonnaise with Olive Oil, or Olives. A must for a flavorful aperitif.

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