Flavored Oil with Rosemary, Pepper and Garlic

All the flavor and fragrance of Liguria, together with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for a flavored Oil ready to bring a creative taste of Italy to your dishes.

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Flavored Oil with Rosemary, Pepper and Garlic

The process

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is skillfully mixed with the natural aromas of rosemary, pepper and garlic to add personality and character. In the meantime, the dried rosemary is added to the bottle by hand, and it is only then that the Oil mix is poured in, creating an intense, unique flavor.


Extra virgin olive oil 98,5%, rosemary, pepper and garlic natural flavors, rosemary 0,5%.
Naturally gluten free.



The , enriched with the stronger, more intense notes of the pepper and garlic, for a full, long-lasting flavor.

Our Flavored Oils are best stored away from sunlight, in a cool, dry place.

Our advice

Delicious for both cooking and seasoning, our Flavored Oil with Rosemary, Pepper and Garlic brings a flavorful touch of Liguria to grilled meats, baked fish, roasts and focaccia. Also worth trying as a base for sauces, fillings and mixes, to bring a little Mediterranean flair into your kitchen.

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