Mayonnaise with Olive Oil

The sauce everyone knows. The most versatile, the most popular, prepared using the authentic homemade recipe.

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Mayonnaise with Olive Oil

The process

Our Mayonnaise is made exclusively with plenty of Pure Olive Oil – our own – and a few ingredients selected with the utmost care: free-range eggs, vinegar and lemon. No additives, no preservatives. Just the way we like it: naturally good.


Olive oil, pasteurized egg yolk from eggs of free-raised hens, wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, sugar.
Contains egg. May contain traces of fish, nuts and milk products.
Gluten free.



The delicate flavor typical of mayonnaise. An unmistakable taste sure to delight the palate and enrich even the simplest of dishes. A beautiful pale yellow color and a creamy consistency.

Once open, keep the jar in the fridge and use within a few days.

Did you know that...

The eggs we use are free-range.

A versatile Mayonnaise, able to give any dish a classy, appetizing finishing touch: delicious enjoyed on its own spread on a simple slice of bread, as the main ingredient in plenty of tasty recipes such as the classic Russian salad, or a mouth-watering way to enhance a variety of foods, from roast potatoes to grilled meat.

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