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Olive Oils Duo

Olive Oils Duo
With these two Oils you'll always have the right dressing.
Six three-quarter liter bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and six three-quarter liter bottles of Pure Olive Oil.

Naturally gluten free.

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Pure Olive Oil
Ideal for cooking and frying Particularly suitable for cooking, this best-selling cooking oil (in Italy) does not deteriorate at high temperatures, and it preserves all nutritional qualities to defend the cardiovascular system. Healthy and natural, it is ideal for light, crisp fried food. Compared to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, "Cooking Olive Oil", as we like to call it, has a less pronounced taste. It is also excellent for the preparation of pastries without butter to get exceptional softness and taste.

Naturally gluten free.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
An Exceptional Taste! With its slight hint of almonds, light and delicately fruity, it is the favorite oil of Italian appraisers. This oil is produced with the finest olives, selected from the most prestigious Italian olive groves and is cold extracted. Try it on salad, raw vegetables, seafood - even meat and fish, giving them a delicious taste and aroma.
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