Pitted Olives

Our Pitted Olives are little gems as smooth and brightly colored as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil they come in. Their soft, fleshy consistency makes them the ideal addition to enrich a huge variety of recipes.

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Pitted Olives

The process

Only the finest olives, picked when perfectly ripe, are immediately selected and processed:  after being placed in brine, following the traditional recipe with water, salt, thyme, laurel and rosemary, the stones are removed and they are covered with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Pitted black olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavors.
Acidity regulator: Lactic acid.
May contain traces of tree nuts and olive pits or fragments.
Naturally gluten free.



Our Pitted Olives are soft, with a firm consistency and a distinctive, slightly bitter taste. The brine they are soaked in – made with water, salt, thyme, laurel and rosemary – and the Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil they are subsequently preserved in gives the product a pleasant balance of aromas and flavors, while the process of removing the stones makes them extremely versatile: just open the jar to give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen.
Store them in a cool, dry place, away from the light. Once open, keep in the fridge covered with a little oil and use within a few days.

Our advice

Our Pitted Olives are ideal for enhancing classic tomato salads or fillings, bringing extra flavor to meat sauces and roasts, or to add a decorative touch of extra tastiness to an omelet.

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