All the tradition of Italy in a prime-quality durum wheat pasta: Fratelli Carli Caserecce.

Discover how to cook pasta the Italian way!

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The process

Our Pasta is produced in limited quantities, using traditional techniques in Gragnano, in the Campania region, the cradle of Italian pasta-making tradition.  The finest durum wheat flour is mixed with the purest water, and the pasta is bronze-drawn and dried slowly for up to 42 hours at a low temperature in static cells. This pasta is the essence of the first courses Italy is famed for.


Durum wheat semolina, water.
Contains wheat.

Contains gluten.



The bronze-drawing process gives the pasta a rough texture, so the sauces cling to it more effectively. The outstanding quality of the semolina used ensures the pasta remains firmly al dente during cooking, with an enviable, genuine taste of durum wheat.

Our advice

Before draining, check that the Caserecce pasta is cooked just as you like it. Try it with our Red Sauces, or with our Pesto Sauce to bring a taste of Liguria to the table.

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