Black Olives Spread

Our Black Olives Spread is a unique, velvety-smooth cream with a characteristic olive aroma and the appetizing flavor typical of the Taggiasca variety, sure to appeal to any palate.

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Black Olives Spread

The process

The olives are picked and carefully selected when perfectly ripe. To ensure they are perfectly preserved, we place them in brine until it is time to process them, and it is only then that we wash the olives and remove the stones in order to obtain the paste we then add to a small number of genuine, natural ingredients, such as our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Black olives in brine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavors, acidity regulator: lactic acid.
May contain traces of fish, milk and tree nuts.
Gluten free.



The distinctive, slightly bitter note combines with milder, balanced nuances to give the flavor typical of the Taggiasca variety of olives. The thick, creamy consistency makes our Spread ideal for bringing a touch of class and creativity to a wide range of recipes.

Store in a cool place, away from direct sources of heat. Once open, keep in the fridge, covered with a little oil, and use within a few days.

Our advice

For a more original use, try our Black Olives Spread as a base for a particularly rich, flavorful vinaigrette.

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