Sardines in Olive Oil

The unmistakable flavor of the sea and a painstaking, traditional process. Simplicity is the secret of our Sardines in Olive Oil: rich in Omega 3*, they’re incredibly good for you and absolutely delicious.
*2.300 mg (0,08 oz) of Omega 3 per 100 g (3,52 oz) of product

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Sardines in Olive Oil

The process

Our Sardines are caught in summer, when they have developed a perfectly rich, fleshy consistency, and we process them right off the boat. They are steamed and preserved in top-quality olive oil to enhance their full, rounded flavor, making them a true delicacy.


Sardines, olive oil, salt.
Contains fish.

Gluten free.



Our Sardines have an intense flavor, enriched by the olive oil they are preserved in. Their hallmark features are the small size, silvery color typical of the species and their firm, compact consistency.

Once open, the sardines should be kept in the fridge and eaten within a couple of days. To preserve all the flavor and consistency, we suggest transferring the sardines to a glass jar and covering them with plenty of oil.

Did you know that...

Sardines are known as “oily fish” in Italian, not only for the color of their scales, but also because they spend some periods of the year in the blue waters near the coast.

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