White Tuna Fish in Olive Oil

The finest Tuna, caught in the clear waters of the Cantabrian Sea between June and October and processed directly on the spot. The delicate flavor of our Pure Olive Oil. Together, for a taste like no other.

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White Tuna Fish in Olive Oil

The process

Processed directly on the spot when freshly caught, using exclusively traditional methods. After being cleaned thoroughly, the fish is cooked in brine to give it just the right, even saline balance. Once cooked, it is left to cool at room temperature. Only the most compact steaks are packed in our prime-quality Pure Olive Oil, ensuring they reach you with their deliciously delicate flavor intact.


The pinkish-white color typical of the species is complemented with the delicate flavor, subtly enriched with our Pure Olive Oil, which never masks the taste of the fish. Compact, evenly sized filets with tender flesh that melts in the mouth and is easy to digest.

The steaks come in a practical 100 g can.

Our White Tuna requires no particular storage conditions, and the flavor improves with age. Once open, however, it is best kept in the fridge.

Did you know that...

Our Tuna is caught using fishing methods that do not cause harm to other marine species.

Delicious even on its own, our White Tuna Fish can bring an extra-special touch to any dish you come up with. Try it with pasta, in salads, with raw or cooked vegetables: make sure you always have a few cans in your cupboard.


Tuna fish, olive oil, salt.
Contains fish.
Naturally gluten free.


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