Our vision

We seek to be a benchmark for the spread of the Mediterranean food tradition and culture, never compromising on ethics and quality, and with unfailing respect for the environment and people.
We create pathways to the future, rooted in the values we have always believed in.


We cannot build our future without an awareness of our past. This is why the history of our family has taught us the importance of the local culture, the passion for quality, respect for the hard work that creates real, tangible value and makes the world a slightly better place. We are part of a community, and we are aware of our responsibility for creating wellbeing for everyone who is part of it.


In order to guarantee maximum quality, we keep a close eye on the supply chain, monitoring the selection, production and distribution stages so that when our products arrive in your home, we can be sure we have paid attention to every detail, every time.


We select the finest raw materials and process them with care. These are skills enhanced and transmitted in our company from generation to generation, of which our family is an emblem and a guarantee. Ours is an approach open to innovation, while recognizing the leading role played by experience.


For over a century now, we have been communicating with our customers in a variety of ways, listening to their requests and above all trying to stay one step ahead of their needs. The evolution of tastes and lifestyles continues to offer us new stimuli, which we are ready to grasp, combining them with the values we recognize as our own, making us a business able to keep pace with a changing world.