The company

We are coastal dwellers, so for over 100 years our instinct has driven us to seek balance in everything, to fly the flag for a distinctive dietary style designed to combine taste with wellbeing.

We create subtly fragrant specialties with a delicate flavor, ready to thrill those who appreciate genuine fare as much as we do, seeking it out in everyday life. These are the flavors you will find in our inimitable Carli Olive Oil and in the rest of our Mediterranean specialties, the fruit of the experience behind the knowledge and expertise that allows us to strike a simple yet sophisticated balance between craftsmanship and technique, between contemporary lifestyle and our local traditions. With a careful eye on the environment and the generations to come, taking care of the planet and its people every step of the way.
We see every customer as a friend, which is why we offer our products directly. We believe in feeding the heart and mind as well as the body, and in sharing the pleasure with those we love.