Olive press

The olive press is the place where olives are brought to be turned into olive oil. It’s where all of the stages involved in the process are carried out.

Olive presses can be described as traditional (or discontinuous cycle presses), which feature stone presses and grinders, or as continuous cycle presses, which use modern equipment.

At our olive press, the olives undergo 6 stages of processing:
  1. The olives arrive from the olive grove
  2. The olives are washed carefully using water
  3. The olives are pressed to turn them into a paste
  4. The olives then undergo malaxation, whereby the paste is kept moving to encourage the oil to seep out
  5. The oil is extracted using decanters to separate it from solid residue
  6. The oil undergoes centrifugation to remove liquid extracts
Once the production process is finished, the oil is stored in stainless steel silos and kept at a constant temperature.