Post-holiday diet

Ice-creams under the parasol, aperitifs on the lake, lunches in mountain huts or snacks in the open air... summer is the time for freedom and fun, but how many changes to our diet! September is just around the corner: are you ready to start again or are you still suffering from the excesses of summer?
Once we have locked our scarves and coats in the wardrobe and endured the torrential rains of spring, it's time for the period we look forward to most: summer! And if the beginning of the holidays brings with it lightheartedness, relaxation and free time, it is also true that this season can be the enemy of diet. Between ice creams and aperitifs, dinners out and reduced meals due to the heat, there is the risk that unruliness reigns supreme. 
On the one hand, our mind can only benefit from it: fun and lightness are needed to overcome the stresses and strains of the past year, but we must not forget the needs of our body. Changing rhythms and dietary regimen is difficult for our organism to manage and that is why it may be appropriate, after returning from vacation, to keep in mind some tricks to allow our body to recover. That is why we have put together some tips for a short post-holiday detox diet!

Why do a post-holiday detox diet?

Vacation doesn't just mean a break from work! During the holidays, it's important to switch off your brain and enjoy the freedom of not having strict schedules and tasks of any kind. It's the time of year when we recharge our batteries so that we can get back on track in September. 
Summer also leads us to follow certain habits that are not entirely healthy for our bodies: changes in diet and completely different rhythms of life could result in weight gain, a feeling of bloating, or even noticeable water retention. 
The organs involved in our purification process are the kidneys, liver and intestines, which are responsible for eliminating waste and toxins from our bodies. By choosing a balanced, healthy detox diet you help your body regain regularity.
A useful starting point is to control your diet to help your body recover. We are not talking about miracle regimes or difficult renunciations, but about a short detox diet to free our organism from toxins and put it back on track in a natural and safe way! 

Summer detox diet: 5 rules to follow

In order not to suffer too much the post-holiday recovery, we suggest you some little tricks:
  • avoid fasting: skipping meals is never the right solution! Our bodies always need stimulation and energy to meet the challenges of each day. Even if you feel weighed down or bloated, don't give up a full meal, rather choose carefully what to serve on the table;
  • give up carbonated and sugary drinks, eliminate alcohol: these types of drinks are not good for our body. They can cause bloating, but more importantly they contain a large amount of calories. All the more reason to set them aside if they contain caffeine;
  • temporarily give up sweets and foods high in saturated fat. Try to choose fresh, light foods that don't weigh your body down. To season your dishes choose only quality products, such as a drizzle of one of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils: you have many varieties to choose from to add flavor to even the simplest recipes;
  • prefer wholegrain cereals, which are rich in fiber, promote bowel function and are free of refined carbohydrates. Limit your protein intake to help your kidneys regain full function: nitrogenous waste products from liver metabolism are eliminated by the kidneys. Choose fish over meat. Among the various types, we recommend eating blue fish, which is rich in Omega3;
  • drink, drink, drink lots of water! Even though the heat is waning, hydration remains one of the most important parts of healthy eating, especially after the holidays. If you struggle to drink a lot during the day, help yourself by consuming portions of fruits and vegetables, or make water flavored with fruits and herbs to make the water more "palatable".
Finally, don't forget to take up your favorite physical activity. Temperatures are dropping and getting out in the fresh air for sport will not only feel good, it will also be much more enjoyable! Take advantage of long brisk walks, runs in the park or light exercise.
Mens sana in corpore sano: physical activity is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. In fact, one of the great benefits of playing sport is to improve your mood and reduce stress.

Post-holiday diet: green light to fruit and vegetables, especially in season

Fruits and vegetables are excellent allies in our post-summer holiday diet. These are foods that by their very nature promote the expulsion of toxins from our body and therefore have a purifying and beneficial function. Remember that it is always better to consume seasonal products, so prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables: in this case you can choose from products halfway between the summer and autumn seasons, thus having options for all tastes.
Pears, grapes and blackberries can be your first choices. Pears help fight excess fluids and are rich in potassium. This is a fruit available all year round, but September pears are the tastiest.
Grape is a real panacea because of its high depurative function: it is useful to fight water retention caused by summer intemperance and is also rich in vitamins A and C.
Finally, blackberries are rich in antioxidants and, in enhancing diuresis, they help our body to expel even more toxins. A handful of blackberries can become your new favorite snack once you return from holiday.
As far as vegetables are concerned, we recommend broccoli and carrots, not forgetting green leafy vegetables such as salads and lettuces, which are great both in the summer and in the autumn. Broccoli has detoxifying properties and acts especially on the liver because the sulfur compounds present in this vegetable enhance the purification of liver cells. 
If the bitter taste of broccoli is not for you, you can opt for carrots, which offer antioxidant principles. In this case, our advice is to prefer the consumption of raw carrots, seasoned with a drizzle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato
If you find it difficult to consume multiple servings of fruits and vegetables every day, we have the right solution for you! Seasonal fruits and vegetables can become excellent smoothies or centrifuges, fresh, colorful and tasty. Unleash your imagination in creating combinations and new flavors!
Don't trust diets that promise excessive weight loss or miracle weight loss! Remember, the important thing is always just to feel good about yourself. The post-holiday diet should be a stimulus to start again and get back into the right rhythm to face the new year!

Summer detox diet: a typical day

To help you manage your summer detox diet, here are a few more tips for creating an ad hoc menu for a "typical day". Here are some dishes in which flavor and well-being combine to help you fight the excesses of summer and get back into shape.
For breakfast you could have a centrifuged fresh fruit (pear, blackberry, blueberry) drink accompanied by a whole yogurt. Don't forget to enjoy a slice of wholemeal bread on which to spread a spoonful of our Fruit Spread Berries, to take full advantage of the antioxidant properties of red berries.
Are you looking for a healthy but tasty recipe for lunch? What you need is a spelt and vegetable salad, dressed raw with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato. You can use your favorite vegetables, cooked or raw, in search of colors and flavors! 
Finally, for dinner, have fun making meatballs with our White Tuna Fish in Olive Oil. For a lighter version, bake them in the oven avoiding too heavy seasonings. Accompany the dish with a fresh salad.
Revisit your favorite recipes in a light key, adapting them to the needs of your post-holiday detox diet and free your imagination to create new dishes!