Red chili: natural properties and benefits

Colorful and delicious, chilies are one of the most vibrant foods on the planet, loved by the most adventurous among us. Let’s take a look at the properties and benefits of the humble chili.

Having arrived in Europe following the colonization of the Americas, this annual plant from the Solanaceae family is loved on account of the spicy flavor of its fruit. This quality derives from capsaicin, a molecule present in chilies in varying quantities depending on the variety. Its volatility means it’s more intense in fresh chilies, becoming subtler in dried products.

Chili plants generally only live for one year.

What’s the spiciest chili?

The level of heat in a chili is measured on the Scoville scale, ranging from 0 to 16 million Scoville Heat Units. And the hottest varieties come from lots of different areas of the planet. Some of the spiciest include:
  • the Carolina Reaper, originating from South Carolina. This artificial hybrid was specifically created for its heat and is ranked as the hottest chili in the world;
  • the Trinidad Scorpion Red Moruga can reach 1.46 million on the Scoville scale and has a shape reminiscent of the tail of a scorpion;
  • the famous Habanero, which – as the name suggests – comes from Cuba. Often wrongly thought to come from Mexico, due to the fact that in the early days it was widely grown in the country, the Habanero is one of the most popular varieties in the world;
  • last but certainly not least, let’s not forget one of Italy’s very own varieties: the Spicy Calabrian Chili. It’s widely used in cooking on account of its medium level of heat.
The size and flavor of the Spicy Round Chili, sometimes known as a Cherry Chili, means that it is the perfect variety for using to making preserved, stuffed chilies. The round shape of the chilies makes them the ideal vessel for a soft, delicious filling.

A great health ally: the properties and benefits of red chili

Red chili doesn’t just offer its trademark flavor and heat. It’s also packed with properties that are beneficial to our bodies.

Though obviously discouraged for some groups, such as children, pregnant women and people with allergies or inflammatory diseases, chilies are seen as a precious ally against cardiovascular illnesses, which they help to prevent.

The presence of capsaicin gives red chilies vasodilating and anti-bacterial properties, which help to control arterial pressure and cholesterol, while the anti-oxidizing substances contained in chilies, such as Vitamin C and polyphenol, play a key role in protecting the body.

Stuffed Red Chilies: an unmistakable flavor

The popularity of chilies, however, is due to their unmistakable flavor, which makes them a key ingredient in the kitchens of all those who love Mediterranean cooking.
Properties red chili – Fratelli Carli

We wanted to create a delicious recipe for all chili lovers to try. Our Stuffed Red Chilies are perfect as a summertime aperitif, packing heady Mediterranean flavors thanks to a filling made from tuna, capers and anchovies and stuffed into the intense red chilies.

Our Red Chilies are harvested at the end of summer after being carefully selected, measured, hollowed out and stored in brine. The chilies are then drained, washed and dried, before each one is filled by hand and packed into jars.

The aromatic notes of the chilies – both sweet and hot, all at once – are elevated by our Olive Oil, which adds roundness and a delicate feel to this unique, well-balanced product. Yet the true secret to the recipe is the perfect consistency of the red chilies. The first bite is firm, but then the creamy filling adds a softness – a balance that can only be guaranteed by filling them by hand. Each chili is carefully selected and stuffed with the perfect amount of filling, meaning they can be enjoyed in a single bite!

Properties of red chili – Fratelli Carli

Delicious inspiration

You can add an unusual twist to your recipes and experiment with new nibbles thanks to the infinite combinations made possible by our Stuffed Red Chilies!
Red chili properties and benefits – Fratelli Carli

Perfect for a delicious aperitif, our Stuffed Red Chilies are a great way of adding personality to everyday dishes such as a homemade mash or tuna salad.

They can also be used to take a cheese quiche to the next level or make summer barbecues even more delicious and complement quality ingredients that have been carefully chosen and prepared with care.

And for those that love to experiment with spicy flavors and bring delicious new dishes to the table, we’ve created the ideal condiment: Garlic, Olive Oil and Chili. Our Emporiums are the only places you can find this ready-to-use product, perfect for adding flavor to sauces, pasta dishes and meat. It’s also great for injecting some spice into your pizza, creating a new take on bruschetta or preparing a late-night spaghetti dish with your friends. The product can be used on its own to flavor a pasta dish, while the presence of sun-dried tomatoes means it’s also spreadable and makes for an aromatic, indulgent taste sensation.

Prepared with simple, quality ingredients, our Garlic, Olive Oil and Chili is carefully formulated to bring out the lasting flavor of minced Italian garlic and the spicy notes of chili, both of which are brought together by fragrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which accounts for 39% of the product – perfect for proper foodies.