Christmas desserts with evo: a new tradition that delights the palate

The approach of the festive season casts its own special spell upon us all. We have a foretaste of a very special time ahead of us. But it’s a journey back in time, too. A moving journey. A journey of self-discovery and emotional involvement.
Two classic family favorites, the Grinch and Dickens’ Scrooge, come to mind. But even they changed their minds… about Christmas! Yes, we all love Christmas! How can you not feel the excitement and emotions of opening up that box of Christmas decorations again, with your kids around… when you find that last surviving fragile glass bauble that your mom handed down to you all those years ago? Then, just think of the delicacies and treats awaiting you on Christmas day! Think of the gifts you’ll receive and of the joy of wrapping gifts for loved ones… large and small, young and old!
Setting up your crib, decorating the tree, opening a new window on your Advent calendar, hanging out the wreath of pine cones and branches on your door, baking gingerbread biscuits, dropping a line to Father Christmas, kissing under the mistletoe… do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

The amazement that comes with the festive season!

Christmas is not Christmas without the many sweet and savory treats that come our way, and that we prepare so carefully for party time or get-togethers to exchange greetings. These recipes don’t change. They are handed down from one generation to the next. The flavors are unique and are associated in our minds only with this special time of the year – treats for the palate, treats for the spirit, somehow even shedding light on your own family’s origins.
Biscotti natalizi fatti in casa

A traditional Christmas treat, but with a secret!

It is thanks to our love of tradition that we take such special pride in our Dolce di Natale with its exclusive recipe. It looks like the traditional panettone cake that you’ll find in a confectionery store, with choice ingredients, baked the artisanal way (requiring the work of three days, including thirty hours given over to rising, the natural way).
So, what is the secret behind our Dolce di Natale? We upgraded the recipe, and replaced butter with our own excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Among the qualities of our Dolce di Natale we find its genuineness and its marvelously soft, fragrant dough mixture. The delicacy of extra virgin olive oil fully brings out the aroma and flavors of all the other ingredients of our recipe: natural sourdough starter ensuring greater softness and digestibility, extremely fresh eggs from free-range hens (an absolute must!), and, as sweeteners, raisins and zesty orange peel, candied naturally the traditional way.
Dolce di Natale all'olio EVO classico

How do we make our candied fruit? – Let the expert speak:

For our candied fruit, we use only healthy white oranges, Washington oranges, in perfect condition. We peel the oranges by hand as soon as they have been picked, and we freeze them in order to conserve the fragrance. The operation is entirely artisanal, and mechanical means, additives and preservatives are not used. Large vats in the open air are used. The peel is covered by a sugar syrup and is then left to settle. After some days, the syrup (now with the fragrance of oranges) is evaporated away for denseness. It is again poured onto the peel. This operation is repeated until the ideal concentration of sugar is reached. Only at this stage is the candied peel diced. Only by these means shall the softness of consistency and the correct concentration of essential oils be maintained, safeguarding this product’s fragrance and flavor.
Andrea, an operative responsible for selecting ingredients
A new entry in 2018 was the Dolce di Natale Soffice: we produce this treat with its very soft consistency, using our EVO Oil instead of butter, and finely milled lemon peel, which adds a delicate hint of citrus to the dough. This is a deliciously lightweight alternative to the traditional ‘pandoro’ cake.
Dolce di Natale Soffice all'olio EVO Fratelli Carli
To enhance the mouth-watering fragrance of our Dolci di Natale products, we suggest you leave them for at least 12 hours at an ambient temperature before serving. Never heat these products or leave them too near the fire since they should not be dried out.

Suggestions for every occasion, with special attention paid to good taste

December is the ideal time for get-togethers of all kinds (festive cocktail parties and aperitifs, special lunches and dinners, family reunions).
Our sweet treats are an ideal accompaniment for any number of occasions, such as morning get-togethers and exchanges of greetings among colleagues, or a dessert after dinner or lunch!
Our Dolci di Natale products can take their place alongside any number of culinary treats, and cannot fail to impress!

Tips for the perfect host!
  1. Pour on some home-made custard (slightly warm) just before serving our Dolce di Natale Soffice.
  2. In a hurry? Serve our Dolce di Natale Soffice with velvety, Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread.
  3. A refinedly elegant touch for the gourmet in every one of us! Fragrant, fruity creams, such as rum-scented orange sauce, are an ideal accompaniment for our Dolce di Natale Classico and Dolce di Natale al Cioccolato.
  4. The ideal wine to accompany these sweet treats (without masking their flavors and fragrances) is Prosecco di Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G., a sparkling light white wine noted also for its magnificent perlage!
  5. When the meal draws to a close, we suggest serving the dessert together with a strong, fragrant, velvety, sweet wine such as Marsala.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!