Decorations with autumn leaves: 3 ideas

Hands up if you love it when autumn arrives and surrounds us with its stunning colors and fairy-tale atmosphere!

In this article, we’ve put together a few suggestions for original decorations using dried leaves which you can collect on autumn walks in the park or through the woods – a wonderful way of bringing all the magic of this season indoors!

Storage basket

If you’re looking for a way of combining aesthetics with practicality, you can create this storage basket in just a few, simple steps. It can then be used to decorate your living room or be placed in the hall to store your keys and other objects when you get back to the house each day.

You don’t need much: just a balloon, a brush, some glue and a handful of leaves with different shapes and colors. It’s a really simple process. First, blow up the balloon until you get to the desired size for your basket, then tie a knot in the end. Next, spread a generous layer of glue over the fat end of the balloon to create a base onto which you can then stick the dried leaves. Now it’s time to indulge your creative side! Stick on a layer of leaves, choosing ones with different shapes and colors each time, then apply another layer of glue and another layer of leaves to create your basket.

Leave to dry for 24 hours and – once the glue has set – you’ll be able to pop the balloon and decide on the perfect spot for your basket!

Decoupage lantern

Often, when we think of autumn, we think of lazy evenings spent in the warmth of our homes, enjoying the cozy, comfortable atmosphere. If you’d like to recreate this feeling, why not try making these unique lanterns? They’re sure to ramp up the sense of relaxation with their gorgeous shadowing!

This is a really simple decoration, but the end result is truly unique. All you need is a few glass jars, some special glue suitable for decoupage (which you can buy online or in hobby stores), a selection of dried leaves in your favorite colors and a soft brush.

Using the brush, spread a layer of glue over the outside of the jar, then stick on the leaves in whatever pattern you like. Leave to dry for a few hours – until you can tie some string or twine around the jar without ruining your handiwork. Then, all that’s left for you to do is pop in a tea light!

And there you have it, your eco-chic candle holder, ready to bring a warm glow to your family nights in!

Forest wreath

Decorative wreaths have really come back into fashion in recent years. Flowers, leaves, pine cones and berries are all used to create wreaths, which make for perfect decorations for your front door, above the fireplace or to brighten up a bare wall. And they’re also ideal for any occasion, when made using seasonal materials.

When it comes to making an autumn wreath, you need to start with the base. You can buy plenty of ready-made bases (either metal ones or rings of interwoven twigs) online or in specialist stores, but if you want to go all out and make the base too, you could use supple twigs of ivy, Virginia creeper or hazelnut. Once you’ve chosen your materials, you need to strip off all the leaves and take a bunch of two or three twigs. Use some thin wire to bind them together at various points, then bend the twigs around on themselves to create a circle, before fastening with more wire.

Now you can get to the fun part – decorating the wreath with your chosen autumnal materials! All you need is a bit of glue to attach leaves, berries, pine cones and even small ornamental squashes to create your finished wreath. You can then hang your wreath directly on a nail, or tie some ribbon around it first.

It’s a technique that can be used with different materials, meaning you can make a different wreath for every season and any occasion...