Homemade flavored oil: how to make it

Chili pepper, laurel or basil flavored oil: each has its own distinct personality, suitable for accompanying a vast number of different dishes.

The secret to making an excellent flavored oil lies in the basics. It is important to use a delicate oil with a full flavor, like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Carli Delicato.

How to make flavored oil: techniques and methods

Let's start by taking a look at preparation and preservation techniques for homemade flavored oil. Basically, there are two methods for making flavored oil:

Flavored oil made with the hot infusion method

To make flavored oil using the hot infusion method, heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan to around 40°C together with selected seasoning ingredients (like chili pepper, garlic, basil or other aromatic herbs of your choice), then leave to cool. In this way, the homemade flavored oil can be enjoyed right away, or you can leave it to infuse for a few more days before removing all the seasoning ingredients from the bottle. This method is excellent if you have very little time on your hands but still want to enjoy an excellent flavored oil.

You could even use the microwave: simply place the oil and the seasoning ingredients in a glass container (make sure there are no metal parts and remove any if present) and heat for one minute at full power. The oil will cool slightly and the seasoning ingredients will unleash all their flavors. Leave the flavored oil to cool, just like in the stove heating method.

Fratelli Carli flavored oils

Flavored oil made with the cold infusion method

If you wish to make flavored oil using the cold infusion method, simply leave the selected seasoning ingredients, thoroughly washed and dried, to infuse in the extra virgin olive oil. Infusion times for making flavored oil using this method vary according to the desired intensity, but in general it should be left to rest for at least 2/3 weeks in a dark place and inside a sealed container.

The cold infusion technique guarantees a higher quality result, indeed time is one of the ingredients for a good flavored oil, on a par with the quality of the oil, which should be nothing but extra virgin olive oil, a match made in heaven with the aromatic herbs or seasoning ingredients, for a product with distinctive aromatic notes that can be used in various dishes.

Fratelli Carli oil, spices and condiments

How long does flavored oil last? How to store it?

Once ready, flavored oil should be stored in the same way as olive oil, so with particular attention to 3 main factors that may alter its integrity (heat, light and oxygen). This means you'll need to:

  • place the flavored oil in a dark bottle, keeping it away from heat sources;
  • eliminate the seasoning ingredients used to flavor the oil, especially if you used fresh ones;
  • store between 12°C and 18°C.

How long does flavored oil last? It is best to consume flavored oil within 3 months of its preparation, so that it does not lose its organoleptic properties.
For a proper storage, remember to remove the seasoning ingredients used to flavor the oil, fresh ones in particular.

Flavored oil varieties: characteristics and preparation

Now that we have discovered everything there is to know about flavored oil, let's take a look at four of the most popular kinds of flavored oils and their use.

Fratelli Carli tomato and mozzarella flavored oil

How to make chili pepper flavored oil

Chili pepper flavored oil is one of the most classic versions and is perfect for adding a spicy touch to different dishes like pasta, pizza, or even meat marinades. To make chili pepper flavored oil simply leave around 30 g of fresh, washed, dried, deseeded and finely chopped chili peppers to infuse. Place them inside a container and cover with a liter of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato.

Based on the desired level of spiciness, leave the chili peppers to infuse for 48 to 72 hours. Filter the chili pepper flavored oil and store it in a bottle in a fresh dark place, so that it maintains all its characteristics and flavor.

How to make rosemary flavored oil

Rosemary flavored oil is a great classic, simple to make and delicious served with grilled meat, fish en papillote, roast or pan fried potatoes.

Simply place 3 thoroughly washed and dried sprigs of rosemary inside a container and cover with 500 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato Carli. Leave the oil to infuse for around 15 days, then filter and leave to rest for another week in a dark container, away from heat sources, for an excellent preservation.

How to make lemon flavored oil

To make lemon flavored oil, simply wash, dry and peel 4 untreated lemons; be sure to avoid the white part, as it may be bitter.
Now cut into strips, place in a sealed container and cover with a liter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato Carli. An infusion time of around 4 days will be enough for lemon flavored oil: simply remove the lemon peels before use.

Lemon flavored oil is perfect for seasoning vegetables, meat and fish carpaccio, salads and all those dishes in need of an extra touch of freshness.

How to make laurel flavored oil

Thanks to its decisive flavor, laurel flavored oil goes well with pulses and meats. To make it at home, wash and dry 6 laurel leaves, place them inside a container and cover with 500 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato Carli. Leave to infuse for around two weeks before filtering and using to season delicious dishes.