How is our Pure Olive Oil made?

Light and clear, with a delicate, balanced flavor: in a single oil, all the characteristics you look for to bring a touch of flavor to your dishes, because it’s the perfect complement to all kinds of Mediterranean dishes.
Our Pure Olive Oil is universally popular for its versatility and light, delicate flavor.

Mediterranean gold

Olive oil is an essential element in Mediterranean cuisine, a must-have ingredient for a healthy, balanced diet every day. This versatile product boasts excellent nutritional properties: it contains “good” monounsaturated fats (such as oleic acid), which tend to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and offer protection from cardiovascular disease.

According to nutritionists, olive oil can be consumed daily, as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The ideal amount is 30 grams per day, based on the recommended daily amount of fat.

How is olive oil made?

Olive oil is a compound of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils. It is obtained by blending refined olive oil with a virgin or extra virgin oil, with a free acidity, expressed in oleic acid, of no more than 1 gram per 100 grams.

There are no regulations that specifically establish the minimum percentage of virgin or extra virgin oil added to the refined oil to produce olive oil. The average is around 5-8%. This means that no two olive oils on the market are the same, not only in terms of aroma, flavor and sensory characteristics, but also with regard to quality, nutritional characteristics and stability in cooking.

A high percentage of EVO in the blend improves the quality of the olive oil, because of the higher amount of antioxidant substances that are good not only for the oil, but also for the consumer, and improve its performance in the kitchen, making it more versatile and easier to pair with a variety of foods.

Carli Pure Olive Oil: the fruit of experience and passion

Our olive oil is the result of our love of the Mediterranean and its fruits: a love that grows as we look out far across the sea, in a land with a wealth of unique flavors; a love that perhaps blossomed out of coincidence, after an exceptional harvest, but which has grown stronger over the years thanks to the hard work of four generations whose daily efforts have been focused on bringing premium quality to Italian tables.
The production process of our olive oil is based on passion and painstaking attention to detail: creating a top-quality oil requires daily effort to ensure not a single drop goes to waste.

Get inspired by our Pure Olive Oil

The pleasant, mild flavor and fragrance makes it the perfect complement to all kinds of food and recipes, because it respects the aromas and flavors of all the ingredients it’s paired with.

The secret of our Pure Olive Oil is the combination of quality materials: it is composed of olive oil and a high percentage of our extra virgin olive oil. This is what makes Carli Pure Olive Oil so inimitable.

Thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids that break down slowly, and to its excellent stability, our Pure Olive Oil is perfect for any type of cooking:
  • It’s ideal for cooking food quickly at a high temperature, such as fried foods, because it has a high smoke point (around 195°C/198°C);
  • It can be used for long, sometimes tricky, cooking, because it behaves as an excellent dietary fat should, with high oxidation stability;
  • It is delicate and versatile enough to replace butter to prepare light cakes and sweets. Try it with the recipe for Cake with olive oil and marrons glacé.