Homemaking and the festive season: ideas and decorations to create a magic yuletide atmosphere

Lots of tips for simple, natural decorations. Fill your home with the fragrances, colours and flavors that make Christmas… Christmas!
Christmas is… decorating the tree, getting the crib ready, wrapping a hand-made present, candles everywhere, the sparkle of lights and baubles.
Adorning your home for Christmas, perhaps with the help of your children. All part of the celebrations and magic of the season.
decoro natalizio
Here are a few ideas to enhance the warmth, the joy and that sense of togetherness, which are part and parcel of life at this time of the year. Shared with your family, and with friends who come round for an aperitif, to exchange greetings. Time to raise a glass or dine… with you as host!

A spellbinding time!

Christmas is a time of magic at its most magic. Much of it has to do with our memories. Throwbacks also to those family traditions that we are all familiar with, handed down from one generation to the next, embodying impressions that move us − in all senses.

The following are just a few seasonal ideas that may appeal to you (fragrances, colours, flavors and sounds).
decoro Natale tavola

Festive fragrances

Prepare for arriving guests by burning some fresh orange peel in the hearth. No hearth? Settle for a infusion. Just simmer your orange peel together with a cinnamon stick (low flame, no lid) for seasonal fragrances permeating each room!
Oranges can be used to make small fragrant ‘baubles’ for your tree. How? Cut the oranges into thin slices. Dry them out on radiators or in your oven. Perhaps star anise, cinnamon stick and a sprig of pine, and a red ribbon by way of decoration.
Spices, citrus fragrances and the balmy freshness of the pine and fir, are all a part of what Christmas is all about.
ghirlanda Natale
A time for natural wreaths for your front door. But think of other reasons – not just the wreath – for intertwining fresh pine banches and adding those charmingly small fragrant pine cones (to be admired ‘as is’ or perhaps sprayed – gilt or silvery purpurin).

You can use fir or holly to assemble charming ‘place cards’ for your guests, or as delicate decorations for your table, placed in (glass or crystal) chalices, or for the wrappings of presents.


One great idea is actually an old favourite – a playlist of Christmas classics and evergreen songs, as background music when your friends drop by to raise a glass or two, or even when just spending a peaceful December Sunday afternoon on on your own, either alone or in the company of your dearest ones.

Small bells can be placed not only on the Christmas tree but also on doors, windows or cupboard handles.
The silvery sounds of bells will momentarily evoke the idea that Father Chistmas’ sleigh, drawn by his reindeer, is fast approaching − to the delight of all children!
campanelle e luci


If you look outside, the streets are alive with lights, Christmas trees abound, resplendent and sparkling. At home, candles − with their natural luminosity − evoke in us a sense of warmth, intimacy and joy. The mind can wander… as do conversations! Chatting, looking back, proposing a toast, dinner parties that never seem to end.

Along with candles, sparkling Christmas lights, too, open up a whole magic world inside our homes. You may wish to frame doorways, windows or even your fireplace (if you have one)… with the warm tones of white lights.

Just an idea! Sparkling lights dotted here and there in your home. Why not use the glass jars that come with our specialties? Consume the ‘goodies’ and then wash the jars out thoroughly, removing the labels. You can then fill them with battery-run strips of lights (no mains connection, please!). You might use jars of various sizes! The smallest are for our Condimenti Liguri (or condiments from Liguria) and the largest is for our Vegetable Ratatuia. Then there’s also the size for our Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread.

When magic becomes a ‘safe bet’!
lucine Natale

Fragrances, sounds, light and… sweetness

Just think of the fragrances and flavours without which Christmas isn’t really Christmas! Among our traditional Christmas desserts, panettone and pandoro take pride of place. We have our own versions made with EVO olive oil. Not to mention home made biscuits, made with ginger and cinnamon, such as gingerbread men, stars, fir trees, snowflakes, reindeer or even a Father Christmas’ boot!
One of the great things about these treats is that you can taste them before they’re finally baked. And while baking, they will fill your home with a gorgeously festive fragrance.
biscotti di natale
These biscuits are perfect for breakfast, mid-morning breaks and dessert, and can even be used as Christmas tree decorations. You can also decorate the biscuits themselves with colored icing, glazes and (edible) beads.

Just an idea! Small transparent plastic bags tied with a red or golden riboon containing some homemade biscuits as a gift for your guests as they leave to make their way home again.

A simple way to wish your loved ones ‘all very best’!