A sauce that prompts lasting memories

It’s often the case that a certain special fragrance or flavor will prompt experiences from our past. Half-forgotten and yet deep-seated memories. Memories aroused that seize our attention and quicken our pulse. Unsuspected images and emotions flood forth, and fleetingly we ourselves are the children − or even the infants! – of yesteryear.
Imagine an open window on a summer day, the sunlight flooding into your room. Think to the fragrance of onions frying in olive oil… the intensely inebriating fragrance of tomatoes as they slowly cook on the flame. Think to the rich, velvety, flavorsome sauce soon to be served. And think also to the fragrance of fresh basil…!

It was with such thoughts as these that we decided to add new sauces to our Tomato Sauces range of specialties. In short, we wanted to ‘savor’ – so to speak – a world that was once our own, to evoke the tastes of bygone years.
This was no easy task. But two mainstays remain with us to the end – the excellence of our ingredients and simplicity of our recipes.

Two special ingredients: time and passion

For our Tomato Sauces we went back not to the drawing board but to the recipes handed down by generations of housewives. Our grandmothers, and theirs too! First comes the mixture of onions and herbs, stir fried, to which we then patiently add all the other ingredients, slowly blending them in. It takes time and passion, and patience.

We use only the sweetest Italian tomato pulp. We prefer not to chop and dice the ingredients too fine. Our ingredients vary from sauce to sauce. And then there’s our marvelous olive oil which confers a distinct personality to all our sauces, enhancing their creaminess. The flavor is naturally rich. No need for extra seasoning or flavoring agents.

Let the expert speak:

I learned to cook from my mom, who spent day after day in the kitchen. Nowadays, we all have less and less time to dedicate to cooking. The dishes we choose can hardly be called challenging, and when we serve them at the table we hardly expect standing applauses. However, I never did like the idea of pre-cooked meals of the kind on offer in supermarkets. I felt my children should only get genuine, healthful food prepared by myself, personally. I then came to Fratelli Carli where I started work on our Tomato Sauces products. And I entered a whole new world!
I cook these sauces my mom’s way (the same ingredients, the same cooking times and, above all, the same simplicity!). The only thing that’s different is the scale, and hence the sizes of the cooking vessels. The fragrances and flavors are unchanged. My mind goes back to bygone days. No more long faces. I open up a jar and my pasta dish is ready in just a few seconds! Deliciously mouth-watering, healthy meals, varying from day to day. I discovered time-saving solutions that don’t entail sacrificing genuineness.

Cristina, a Fratelli Carli Tomato Sauces specialist

The experience of Mediterranean taste

A feature of our range of Tomato Sauces is the sweetness of tomato pulp, solely Italian in origin, combined with a wide range of land- and seafoods, alongside the fragrances and flavors that set Mediterranean cuisine apart (deliciously genuine vegetables, prime-quality tuna, pungent anchovies, chili peppers, capers, DOP basil from Genoa).The common denominator of these sauces is our olive oil, a perfect accompaniment for all these ingredients, for the right consistency, harmony and equilibrium.

6 recipes for 6 sauces

  1. Basil Tomato Sauce: a pleasingly simple tomato sauce with DOP Genoa basil and Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as an ideal pasta accompaniment and pizza ingredient.
  2. Tomato Sauce Arrabbiata: a sauce, pleasingly hot thanks its chili peppers, plus capers and a touch of anchovy; excellent for first courses and fish soups.
  3. Tomato Sauce with Eggplants: a sophisticated, original sauce with eggplants grilled over an open flame, Stoned Olives, capers, Dried Tomatoes and a drop of Modena IGP Balsamic Vinegar, for Mediterranean-style pasta dishes, toasted bread pieces seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt, or for flavorsome parmigiana (Parma-style tomato and cheese) treats.
  4. Tomato Sauce with Tuna: a refined, extra-tasty sauce with tenderly delicate tuna, with delicious Stoned Olives, a drop of white wine and a hint of garlic; excellent for seafood pasta dishes, for toasted bread pieces seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt, or for sandwiches.
  5. Tomato Sauce with Artichokes: a fine, delicate artichoke sauce, Dried Tomatoes which − together with creamy tomato flesh, making for a softly sweet flavor −. Perfect also for risottos and meat dishes.
  6. Tomato Sauce with Vegetables: a sweetly fresh vegetable sauce, with the lightness we associate with carrots and peas and the softness of consistency of grilled eggplant and zucchini, plus a touch of onion and red bell pepper. Serve also with cous cous, adding a touch of originality to your daily fare!
The secrets of our Tomato Sauces, unveiled just for you!