Producers passionate about olive oil, for a century and more

Our family is totally, passionately, dedicated to olive oil. It runs deep. A commitment handed down from one generation to the next for as many as four generations. Find out more about our history.
Our real roots as olive oil producers go back more than a century in time. It all began in 1911, in Oneglia, a town balanced on the ‘cusp’ between sea and land, on a sundrenched stretch of Liguria’s stunning coastline. What made 1911 a very special year for us was the amazing crop and the equally amazing ideas the harvest brought with it. Greatly impressed by the high level of production of the family’s olive grove, the twenty-year-old Giovanni Carli − one of the six children of the printer, Carlo Carli − decided to sell the olive oil that he procured from a number of families in the neighboring Piemonte region.

Once upon a bike...

So, more than a hundred years ago, an enterprising young man rode a bicycle on his visits to his first customers. He then chose a motorbike.

This brought with it our distribution model, based on relations of trust established with our customer base (direct sales from producer to consumer with no intermediaries).

Our olive oil became more and more popular, thanks to its taste and fragrance. The news travelled ‘on the grapevine’. Year after year, new customers arrived. Indeed, so many that the demand for the family’s own oil could no longer be met. Giovanni Carli, who perceived the great potentials of the olive-growing traditions of his homeland, started to stipulate agreements with many local small-scale producers of olive oil, whom he knew personally and whom he would meet whenever he set out from home. These agreements were the fruit of knowledge and of mutual trust among the parties concerned. A handshake said it all!
foto d'epoca di Giovanni Carli

...and now trucks!

A hundred years. Things change. The small family-run concern has spawned its very own corporation. However large the corporation may be, our spirit as producers and deliverers of our olive oil is today as it was, as it has always been since our founder’s day. We seek the finest olive oils. We also look beyond Italy’s borders toward other European countries of the Mediterranean basin, as and when these provide crops of excellence, qualitatively speaking. Accordingly, we still have dealings with the owners of small and even very small olive groves and oil mills, capable of providing superior olive oil (the quality is assessed on the basis of the oil’s chemical and organoleptic characteristics).

Even today, you won’t find our products on supermarket shelves. You can order your oil conveniently online via our e-commerce site, or alternatively by calling or writing to us. This will be followed by a visit from our personnel, in one of our hallmark-livery green vans. We deliver directly to your home. We provide our services courteously and warmly, in full awareness of the quality of our products.
Did you know that our oldest customer family came to us 97 years ago? Very many families, from one generation to the next, place their faith in our products (foremost among which is our olive oil).

Why our olive oil is unique

  • The passionate dedication of our family
  • The search for excellence
  • Certified quality in each and every bottle
  • Direct relations with our customers
There is a very real happy ending to the story of our work. The happy ending is you, when you taste our olive oil, and admire the color and the variety of aromas and flavors. When you realize you chose well. Because you can tell by the taste!