The secrets of eggplant sauce

The flavors of home, of the recipes of grandma and mom, accompany us in our daily lives... and it is those flavors that make us feel good, at home.

Food, in fact, especially when created in the most traditional preparations, is often a treat that takes us back in time, to the lunches and dinners spent with the family and to the atmosphere of home. Cooking can be a powerful way to recall the scents and flavors of childhood, and among these, the classic sauces certainly stand out. The latter, in fact, if well executed, have the power to conquer every palate thanks to their unmistakable taste.

The secret to a successful sauce lies in simplicity. The few ingredients used in each preparation must be carefully chosen to ensure that they are rich in flavor.

This is the basis for preparing an excellent sauce, from the classic one with tomato and basil, to one with artichokes, but also to one with eggplant.

The eggplant, a vegetable with so much history

Among the vegetables most frequently used as ingredients for recipes with a Mediterranean flavor, especially in the summer, we definitely find eggplant. It is a rich vegetable, not only for its flavor, but also for its history. Although there is no certain information on the origin of this vegetable, we know that it arrived in Europe in the seventh century, thanks to the Arabs, and since then it has become the main ingredient of many traditional dishes.

The history of this vegetable contributes to making it a symbol of the Mediterranean cuisine: in Italy it is the leading ingredient of the sauce for Pasta alla Norma, Parmigiana di Melanzane or Caponata, but it is wisely used also in many preparations in other countries overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Just think, for example, of the Greek moussaka, of the Provençal cutlets in France or of the Spanish berenjenas con queso.

The versatility of eggplant helps ensure that it is used to create colorful, fragrant and delicious dishes. Their softness and flavor allow them to add character to any recipe.

Pasta Sauce with Eggplant: the taste of simplicity

Although cooking a good eggplant sauce requires a few simple ingredients, its preparation requires time and attention. Therefore, always have prepared a ready-made quality eggplant sauce that can be useful for all those moments when we want to pamper ourselves or amaze the palate of a guest, but we do not have time to prepare the sauce with due care.

Our Pasta Sauce with Eggplant, rich in flavor and texture, is made in full respect of the traditional recipe: to an initial sauté of onion, prepared with our Olive Oil, we add a creamy and sweet Italian tomato pulp, dried tomatoes and desalted capers, which help to make the sauce taste stronger and, of course, lots of grilled eggplant pieces. The latter are carefully selected so that their pulp remains plump and soft even after cooking. To complete and enrich it all, whole pitted olives and a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar from Modena PGI are added.

And the process? It’s very simple and sticks to traditional home preparations: a gradual addition of all the ingredients and slow cooking to allow them to blend perfectly.

Our Eggplant Sauce, in addition to its full-bodied and enveloping flavor, is also distinguished by its dark red color, given by the balanced mix of eggplant with the other ingredients, and its authentic aroma.

Eggplant sauce goes with everything

Our Eggplant Sauce, made according to the traditional recipes handed down from family to family, can be easily used to make many delicious dishes. Here are some ideas you can take inspiration from to bring it to the table every day or when you have guests.

It is known that one of the inevitable dishes in the diet of Italians is pasta accompanied by various condiments. However, there are few memorable pasta dishes and the one seasoned with our Eggplant Sauce is definitely one of them. Just imagine our Spaghetti di Gragnano served with Eggplant Sauce... all you need to bring the scent of the Mediterranean to your table.

Always following the path of simplicity, the Eggplant Sauce can be used to serve tasty bruschetta or as a filling for delicious baked calzoni. On the other hand, when an ingredient is good even when eaten alone, all it takes is a little imagination to create winning recipes.

And if you want a second course that reminds you of good homemade dishes, the Eggplant Sauce can be used to accompany and make even more irresistible simple meatballs or ricotta cheese.

Our Eggplant Sauce goes perfectly with recipes intended for various courses: from appetizers, to first courses, to main courses... if you have this ready-made sauce at home, you are ready to welcome guests to the table even at the last minute.