Our vocation is to be really good. Since 1911.

Oil tasting

Love for the land

Liguria is a crossroads, unique in its balance between opposites: the impervious inland and the vast seashore, the rural history and the modernity, the mild climate and the strong north winds. We are closely bonded to our land, founded on its olive oil making tradition and our family roots.


Bread and oil

Daily passion

Our trade as olive oil producers has taught us that when it comes to oil, every year presents different and unforeseeable features. This means that excellence is something to be conquered again each time with small and patient steps. The force that drives us is our inexhaustible passion for our work, for perfection and for good, well-made products.

Don’t just do, do well

This is the principle that guides us and drives us to focus on every detail, always: on what we produce, on our service, on our relationship with our customers. This is how we transform a good product into an experience to remember.


Oil can

A unique trade

For four generations our expertise has been cherished, refined and nourished by continuously new stimuli but without ever losing our respect and love for this incredible product, olive oil. The creation of a perfect olive oil requires daily engagement in research and selection, guided by the only goal of creating excellence in every drop, which we then personally sign and certify.

Carli products

Innovating tradition

Excellence is what we desire to see in all our products. Starting with our olive oil, from where everything began more than a century ago, all the way to the food specialties that are the fruit of our vocation.

From olive oil onwards

The offer of Ligurian and Mediterranean food specialties, along with our olive oil, was the natural evolution of our desire to share the most authentic flavors of our land in simple and genuine products.

Pesto preparation

Special products, special ingredients

We abide by the changing of the seasons, we know where our produce grows and the characteristics of those soils, we select the best raw materials and we choose the best time to process them with care. This is the only way we can offer you traditional top quality recipes that are authentic and sincere, capable of satisfying your palate and of meeting your daily needs. At the same time, our products are special because they have an extra ingredient: the passion of the family, our family, that creates them.

Jars of sauce

Nothing more than the essentials

The list of ingredients on our labels is very short, is immediately understandable and does not contain anything more than what is used in home kitchens. This is because we want our food specialties to be just that: genuine and natural, so as to ensure you get top quality every time. Simple things are, however, the most difficult to accomplish well - the key to this is the small number of ingredients used and the care with which they are processed.


Colors and fragrances from our past

Inside our products, along with top quality ingredients, we also put something else: the gastronomic past that is in our Ligurian blood and that we wish to make known. We take only the best from tradition, however, and we re-interpret it according to our unique culinary style in which olive oil plays the leading role. Exclusive and delicious recipes intended for those who appreciate authenticity and seek it in everyday life.

The pleasure of sharing and the value of trust

To personally enter with a smile the homes of those who trust us means much more to us than simple delivery: it means sharing the taste for good things made well.

Olio Carli truck

From family to family

From the very beginning we have always been the only ones responsible for our oil and for our food specialties, and we bring them personally from home to home, from family to family, without intermediaries. This is because quality knows no compromise: from the selection of the raw materials to delivery, the passion and professionalism we provide are always the same.

Pot with sauce

From table to table

What we offer you to enjoy at the table is not just the creative mixture of a series of ingredients, but also and foremost our way of life. It is our pleasure to propose, as we do to our guests at home, the food we love and that possesses the quality and genuineness of the peerless Mediterranean cuisine.

Recipe with artichokes

From one generation to the next

The trust of those who choose us, year after year, makes us what we are. Dialogue with our clientele and knowledge of their preferences are two indispensable aspects of our business. We listen to their opinions and requests and transform them into new flavors because when it comes to meeting tastes and needs we look far ahead. This is our way of doing things, since 1911.