Trofiette Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

Typical of the eastern side of Liguria and now a symbol of the entire region, the shape of this attractive, evenly sized pasta cooks beautifully and is ideal combined with the classic sauces of the region.

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Pesto Sauce
Pesto Sauce

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicato

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Trofiette is a pasta shape that blends perfectly with condiments and stands up well to cooking while remaining soft like fresh pasta. Once cooked and combined with our Pesto, the fragrance and flavor of the dish embodies all the history of this typical regional pasta specialty, derived from the ritual gesture of Genoese women who would rub and twist the pasta dough on the sideboard to give it this typical shape.


Tapered and evenly sized


The most classic shape from Liguria, the perfect partner for Pesto

Trofie with pesto
Dry pasta

Did you know

The history of this pasta is closely linked to the environs of Genoa and the ritual gesture required to form the distinctive shape: "strufuggià", the term in the local dialect the name derives from, refers to the action of twisting the pasta dough by hand

Peculiar features and aromas

Our Trofiette, a true masterpiece of the pasta maker's art, are perfect every time with our Pesto.



Very pale, these little pasta twists are tapered at both ends, rather like the spiral of a bottle opener. They are about 4 cm long. Once cooked al dente, it remains firm, resembling fresh pasta. It blends perfectly with the sauce, for a perfect pairing.



Typical of durum wheat semolina.



Typical of fresh pasta.

Perfect pairing

Italy is the cradle of pasta, and every region in the country has its own specialities. From the home-made, artisan tradition of Liguria comes the Trofiette variety, ideal for pairing with authentic basil pesto. For a flavorful marriage made in Liguria, with all the aromas of our home area.

Get inspired

The classic pasta shape from Liguria. Perfect topped with pesto, potatoes and boiled green beans. 


Extraordinary with our Pesto, and surprisingly delicious with: 


  • zucchini and shrimps
  • our Pistachio Pesto
  • speck and saffron