We are also a Benefit Corporation

An active commitment to sustainability, evident in the desire to safeguard our social mission.


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New Articles of Incorporation

Becoming a Benefit Corporation has meant officializing, in our Articles of Incorporation, the pursuit, alongside profits, of a series of purposes for the common good. "For the common good" refers to the pursuit of one or more positive effects and/or the reduction of negative effects on people, communities, land and the environment, etc. 


Putting this commitment down in black and white in the Articles of Incorporation means safeguarding it and making it an integral part of the company, regardless of any changes or transformations that may occur.

The impact report

Purposes for the common good

It was not difficult to identify our purposes for the common good, because for years now, our commitment has been founded on five clearly defined pillars:


  • People, which takes into consideration employees, customers and the community;
  • Products and materials
  • Supply chain
  • Energy and resources
  • Mediterranean culture and tradition.


Therefore, we illustrated the different purposes in a clear and detailed way, regarding each one of these action areas.


The Impact Report which, as a Benefit Company, we are requested to present annually, illustrating our purposes, plans of action and objectives for the coming year, is contained within our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Our Responsible Progress: tradition, excellence, environment

Sustainability Report:
• 2022
• 2021
• 2020