Porcini Mushroom Risotto

A risotto worthy of a chef, ready in minutes, with the aromatic notes typical of porcini mushrooms.

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Truffle Risotto
Truffle Risotto

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White Tuna Filets in Olive Oil

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Porcini Risotto

The minute it’s ready, our Porcini Mushroom Risotto is immediately recognizable for its distinctive aroma and rich, sophisticated appearance thanks to the generous amount of porcini mushrooms. It’s never been easier or quicker to prepare an authentic Italian risotto, with a delicate flavor and incredibly creamy consistency.


Aromatic and fragrant


A classic Italian gourmet first course to enjoy along with our Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Carnaroli rice 86,7%, broth mix (salt, corn starch,onion, celery, carrot, leek, parsley, rice flour, miso (soy, rice, water, salt, koji), dehydrated rice syrup, yeast extract, spices), Porcini mushrooms 4,6%, onion, garlic. Risotto mix with Porcini mushrooms.
Contains soy.

Store in a cool and dry place.

PREPARATION METHOD Traditional cooking: 15-17 minutes. Boil 1 liter of water (4 cups). Pour the contents of the packet into a large frying pan and gradually add the boiling water, wait for each addition of water to be absorbed before adding more. The amount of water indicated is sufficient for an "al dente" consistency. We recommend that you taste during cooking to ensure the consistency is to your liking. When ready, serve the Risotto seasoned with a few drops of Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Microwave cooking: Microwave ovens have different power levels so we recommend cooking on high for 16 minutes, and then begin checking. On average it should take 18 minutes. Pour 0.8 liters (3 and a half cups) of water and the contents of the packet into a microwave oven dish, and set to high for 18 minutes. We recommend that you taste during cooking to ensure the consistency is to your liking. When cooked the Risotto is ready to be served with the delicious addition of a few drops of Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

10.5 OZ (300g)
Produced for Fratelli Carli S.p.A. - Via Garessio 11/13 18100 IMPERIA - Italy by Cerreto s.r.l. - Via G. Verdi, 15 Gattatico (RE) - Italy

Nutrition Facts

13 Servings per container Serving Size 1/4 cup (45 g), Amount per serving: Calories 150, Total Fat 0.5g (1% DV), Saturated Fat 0g (0% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 470mg (21% DV), Total Carbohydrate 33g (12% DV), Dietary Fiber 1g (3% DV), Total Sugars <1g, Includes <1g Added Sugars (0% DV), Protein 4g, Vit. D 0mcg (0% DV) , Calcium 0mg (0% DV), Iron 0.7mg (4% DV), Potas. 70mg (2% DV)

Risotto, an icon of Italian cuisine

Risotto is the typical Italian cooking method that has spread worldwide. If you fancy a creamy Italian risotto, but don’t have the time to prepare it, this authentic gourmet dish takes just minutes.

Peculiar features and aromas

Our Porcini Mushroom Risotto is ideal when you’re looking to serve up an authentic gourmet dish with an unmistakable Italian flavor.



Sophisticated, variegated appearance thanks to the contrast between the mushrooms and the pure white rice. Perfectly creamy texture.



The Carnaroli rice blends marvelously with the generous amount of thick, clearly visible porcini mushrooms.



Intense mushroom aroma.



Full, delicate and perfectly defined by the intense flavour of the mushrooms.

It's never been easier to prepare a risotto worthy of a chef

It takes just minutes to serve our authentic Italian Risotto. - In the pan, 15-17 mins: bring approx. 1 lt of water to the boil. Pour the content of the bag into a pan and gradually add the boiling water as the rice absorbs it. - In the microwave, 20 minutes; 650 W: pour 0.8 lt of water and the content of the bag into an oven dish and set the microwave to the time and power indicated. Whichever method you choose, we recommend you taste the risotto to adjust cooking times to your personal taste.

Get inspired

A traditional Italian first course that tastes as good as it looks. Before serving, we suggest enhancing our Porcini Mushroom Risotto with:


  • a trickle of organic EVO to bring out the flavor
  • a generous serving of our Grana Padano PDO
  • aged for 20 months
Porcini Mushroom Risotto