This is where our story begins. Learn about the peak moments of our company's history.


Olive groves
  • 2023

    Carbon Neutral Shipping

    We offset all CO2 emissions generated by all deliveries of our products to customers, in Italy and in foreign markets.

    carbon neutral shipping
  • 2021

    Publication of the Sustainability Report

    We voluntarily publish our first Sustainability Report.

    sea view
  • 2019

    We are a B Corp

    As further proof of our commitment to sustainable innovation, we have changed our corporate status and we are now a Benefit Corporation.

    Family Carli's hands
  • 2018

    In favor of sustainable mobility

    We have made the choice to include a Tesla Supercharger point in our facility, thus providing an incentive for sustainable mobility.


    Tesla Supercharger
  • 2016

    Seismic retrofit

    In September we complete the seismic retrofitting of our headquarters, an absolute first for the Italian industrial building construction scenario.

    seismic retrofit
  • 2014

    We are a Benefit Corporation!

    We are the first enterprise in Italy to acquire Benefit Corporation certification, thanks to our transparency and our compliance with strict social and environmental standards.

    B corporation
  • 2012

    Our photovoltaic system

    In July, the system with a layout of 8,500 m2 on the plant’s roof starts generating electricity. Today it meets about 20% of our energy requirements.

    our photovoltaic system
  • 2011

    Our 100th birthday!

    This is a year for celebration, full of initiatives dedicated to our clients and a great party for all of our staff on the 20th of May.

  • 2010

    The Emporio store opens in Imperia

    At our headquarters we open the first Emporio, the store format we have designed which becomes so successful that many start replicating it in other large Italian cities.

  • 2009

    The new Fratelli Carli logo

    True to tradition, Italy’s most prestigious branding company, Robilant Associati, redesigns the 97-year old Fratelli Carli logo in preparation for the 100th anniversary.

    Fratelli Carli Logo
  • 2009

    A prestigious award

    On 29 May, Gian Franco, the grandchild of the founder Giovanni, receives from the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano the title of “Cavaliere al Merito del Lavoro”, or Order of Merit for Labor just like his father Carlo did in 1983.

    Gian Franco Carli
  • 2008

    The new printing works

    The printing works, that have always been the driving force of corporate communication, are completely renovated and become a totally state-of-the-art structure

  • 2005


    The fourth generation

    New times, new entries: Carlo, in 2002, and Claudia, in 2005, the son and daughter of Gian Franco and great grandchildren to Giovanni, the founder, join the company.

    Carlo Carli and Claudia Carli
  • 1997

    Mediterranea is born

    By enhancing the wellness philosophy we have always promoted in our company, we create the Mediterranea line of cosmetics based on olive oil. 

    Mediterranea Cosmetics
  • 1996

    The first Internet website

    Always with an eye to the future, we are one of the first companies in Italy to believe in the Web, creating our website   


    The first website
  • 1992

    The Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum opens

    Our family’s passion for olive trees and for olive oil is showcased in a unique structure: the Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum.


    The Story of the Olive Tree at the Museum
  • 1991

    The third generation, a new arrival

    The company addition is Lucio, the son of Marcello who in turn is the cousin of the company’s founder Giovanni.

    Lucio Carli
  • 1988

    Demijohn, goodbye

    After 77 years, the January price list puts an end to the sale of the historical demijohns that up to that point had been the traditional containers for our olive oil.

  • 1983

    A prestigious award

    On 9 July, Carlo, the son of the company’s founder Giovanni, receives from the Italian President Sandro Pertini the title of “Cavaliere al Merito del Lavoro”, or Order of Merit for Labor.

    Carlo Carli
  • 1981

    Welcome Extra Virgin!

    Our peerless olive oil acquires a new companion, our extra virgin olive oil that stands out for its full and harmonious taste and very low acidity.

    Bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1973

    The third generation

    Gian Franco, the son of Carlo and the grandson of the company’s founder Giovanni, joins the company.

    Gian Franco Carli
  • 1972

    The trailblazing Mechanografic Center

    Facing out onto the majestic stairway at the entrance to the new headquarters is the new Mechanographic Center. Once again, we have looked into the crystal ball and foreseen the future.

    The Mechanography Center
  • 1971

    The new headquarters

    On 20th of July, the beautiful new headquarters are ready and all of our departments move to the renovated and modernized area.

    The new headquarters of the company
  • 1967

    The first Food Warranty Certificate

    From this year onwards, the Chemical Analysis Laboratory hosted at our plant since 1925 is put in charge of issuing the Food Warranty Certificate we put on each product item.

    The first Olio Carli Guarantee Certificate
  • 1965

    Our delivery vans are born

    The will to constantly improve the service to our clients brings us to meet their strong demand for direct home delivery, abandoning the use of the railway service.

    Olio Carli Vans
  • 1961

    Our first 50 years

    An important milestone: to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, we send all of our clients a special Carli Recipe Book.

    The Carli Recipe Book
  • 1958

    The Pieralisi oil mill

    The production department is completely overhauled too. We decide to purchase a state-of-the-art oil mill from the renowned Pieralisi factory.

    The Pieralisi Oil Mill
  • 1957

    The Olio Carli logo is born

    The famous poster designer Cappadonia creates the Olio Carli logo that will progressively become the distinctive trademark of our best-selling product.

    Olio Carli Logo
  • 1950

    The rebuilt headquarters

    The headquarters we reconstructed after the war are even more beautiful than before, with new offices, new warehouses and even a warehouse for dispatching demijohns.

  • 1948

    The first price list after the war

    In February we are again open for business and we send our new, first post-war price list to the list of clients we had jealously treasured throughout the war.


    Olio Carli price list
  • 1944

    The second bomb

    On the 3rd of May, a second bomb razes our plant to the ground. All that is left of our prestigious enterprise is a heap of rubble. 

    Olio Carli headquarters bombed
  • 1943

    The first bomb

    Two days before Christmas, Imperia is bombarded and our headquarters receive a hit that completely destroys our oil production plant.

    Bombing Olio Carli headquarters
  • 1940

    The last price list before war breaks out

    Italy joins the conflict on the 10th of June. We print out our last price list..

    Olio Carli price list
  • 1937

    Supplier to the Royal Family

    After the fifth consecutive supply of Olio Carli olive oil, H.R.H. Vittorio Emanuele III grants us the warrant as Official Suppliers to the Royal Family.

    Letter from His Majesty Victor Emmanuel III
  • 1936

    The first Carli Recipe Book

    This recipe book, drafted by the head chef of the Royal Family, Sir Amedeo Pettini, and abounding in lovely illustrations by Cappadonia, is ready to be sent as a homage to all of our clients.

    Carli recipe book
  • 1930

    Change of headquarters

    The plant in Via degli Orti is too small, so we establish a new one in via Garessio in a Liberty style building designed by the architect Rodolfo Winter.

    New headquarters Olio Carli
  • 1927

    Suppliers to the Pope

    The warrant granted by Pope Pius XI authorizes us to proclaim our status as Suppliers to the Vatican.

    Papal certificate
  • 1924

    The trademark is born

    Once again it is Plinio Codognato, inspired by a photograph of Angiola, Giovanni’s little daughter, who creates the trademark, the famous ‘little girl with demijohn’ image.

  • 1923

    The first Calendar

    The company rolls out an innovative marketing tool to communicate with our clients/friends, the Carli Calendar, that to this day allows us to spend every day of the year with them.

    Olio Carli calendar
  • 1922

    The first Fratelli Carli logo is born

    The pen of the famous poster designer Plinio Codognato creates the Fratelli Carli logotype that will identify our company for the next 87 years.

    First Fratelli Carli logo
  • 1919

    The first real headquarters

    The company moves from the original office to a three-story building in downtown Oneglia where the top floors provide living quarters for the entire family.

    First Olio Carli headquarters
  • 1912

    The first price list

    The family’s printing works are a major asset. We print out our first price list so as to keep in contact with our new clientele.

    First Olio Carli price list
  • 1911

    Giovanni Carli's journey starts here

    On his Bianchi bicycle he takes off to visit the homes of the first clients who immediately acclaim the quality of the product. In come the first orders.

    Giovanni Carli