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Carli family
An award from the Ministry of Economic Development to companies that have made the history of Italian entrepreneurship.
View from olive groves

Care, passion, tradition


We come from the coast of a sea where culture and traditions are intrinsically linked. The Mediterranean is the "place" that inspires the way we work and gives impetus to our passion for quality. Our land, hidden between the rocks and water, encourages us to search for the perfect balance in everything, blending together different components. This has been our philosophy for more than a century, passed down through 4 generations from father to son, from colleague to colleague.


Olio Carli van

Yesterday, today, tomorrow 


Every day our Company is present in so many families' homes with our Olive Oil and our specialities. We forge relationships that very often continue from one generation to another:


  • our effort is renewed
  • our commitment is rewarded.


Changes in tastes and lifestyles provide us with stimuli that we are eager to grasp and integrate with the values that we recognize. In this way we continually tranform authentic ingredients into delicious dishes ready to be served at your table each and every day.

Oneglia, 1911. This is where our story begins.

Giovanni Carli