Delicato and Fruttato

If you're looking for the best oil for all your dishes, this pack with our most classic EVO varieties is ideal, combining quality and flavor.

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Pitted Olives
Pitted Olives

2 Jars of 9.5 oz

White Tuna Filets in Olive Oil
White Tuna Filets in Olive Oil

2 Jars of 6.7 oz


Delicato and Fruttato

We've called this pack "Special" because it ensures you always have the right oil for your dishes and your tastes, and also allows you to save money: Delicato, gentle and balanced; Fruttato, intense and pleasantly piquant, to bring a personal touch to every dish.


DELICATO: rich yet gentle FRUTTATO: strong and fruity


DELICATO: brings out the character of foods, without smothering their flavor and aroma. FRUTTATO: the strong flavors bring an unmistakable touch to every recipe.


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Guarantee Certificate

All our Oils come with their own individual Guarantee Certificate explaining to customers just what a precious product is contained in our traditional green glass bottles. The Certificate attests to the organoleptic properties identified by our experts, the chemical and physical characteristics analyzed by our Laboratory and compared with those set by law, and shows the lot number and packing date. Go to the CERTIFICATE area to discover the characteristics of your Oil.


100% Italian
Cold extracted

Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and
light. Cap when not in use.

3+3 16.9 fl. oz. (500 mL)

Spoonful of oil
Shrimp salad

Peculiar features and aromas Delicato

A sweet olive oil with aromatic notes reminiscent of fresh almond and light notes of artichoke mixed with small peaks of bitter and spicy that never offend the palate.



Greenish-yellow with golden reflections.



Gentle, with pleasant almondy notes, full of the delicate aromas of healthy, tasty fruit processed with care.



Delicate olive aroma without pronounced aromatic notes.

Peculiar features and aromas Fruttato

Distinctive flavor, with delicious grassy notes that will appeal to even the most demanding palate, and a fruity aftertaste featuring the characteristic flavor of green olives.



Bright, vibrant yellow.



Clearly defined, with distinctive tones accompanied by other more gentle nuances and a pleasantly piquant note.



Intense vegetable aromas with distinctly fruity notes.

Get inspired Delicato

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a gentle, fragrant mouthfeel featuring very subtle bitter notes, is particularly versatile in the kitchen, making it the perfect choice to bring out the organoleptic characteristics of each dish, without smothering the flavor of the ingredients.


EVOO ideal for blending delicately flavored ingredients such as:


  • mashed potato
  • bresaola
  • octopus and green bean salad
  • niçoise with salad, tuna, peppers, olives, boiled eggs, anchovies and tomatoes
Salad dressed with oil

Get inspired Fruttato

The combination of two cultivars from southern Italy - the distinctly fragrant CORATINA and the more gentle, sweeter BIANCOLILLA - makes our EVO Fruttato the perfect choice for those who like a distinct, intense flavor, able to bring unmistakable character to every dish.


Ideal to enrich those dishes where it's important to be able to clearly note the Oil among the flavors of the other ingredients, such as:


  • grilled vegetables
  • char-grilled meat
  • crostini and bruschettas
  • soups
Grilled fish and vegetables