Mediterranean Culture and Tradition

We have been spreading the culture of sustainability and of healthy eating from the beginning.

“The olive tree and the precious oil it provides are the symbols of the Mediterranean area, the place of origin and the heart of the civilization that has given life to our world. This past gives rise to the passion and the ‘motivation’ that drives our work, namely to contribute in protecting and passing down to future generations the traditions and knowledge that have generated a culture of food of universally acclaimed value”.

Claudia Carli
Brand Marketing Manager

Know-how, traditions, values for:

Spreading the culture of sustainability

Promoting good practices for a healthy food culture



primary school students have participated in the activities of our LaboratOlio workshop



visitors of our Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum since its opening in 1992



items on display at the Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum



theatre shows put on stage by our employees and given to charity



years the age of the oldest item on exhibit at the Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum



years of sending our clients complimentary copies of the ‘Carli Recipe Book’, the precious guide to Mediterranean cooking