Clients and employees have always been part of the family.

"We contribute to the spread of well-being within the community in which we work, aware of the social role played by our company, together with our employees who are at the core of our success and with whom, every day, we share needs and aspirations. With this wealth, we also enter the homes of those who for us have always been friends-clients".

Massimo Belmonte
Human Resources Director

Aspirations, motivations, skills for:


our clients products and services of excellence


 the people who work with us, exalting their diversity


to the spread of well-being throughout the community

  • 49% of our staff members are women

  • 19 years of collaboration with the Italian association ‘AIFO- Amici di Raoul Follereau’
  • 900+ specialized medical visits offered to employees during the five editions of ‘Prevention Week’
  • 127 out of the 373 people on staff have been with us for over 20 years
  • 6880 chat conversations with customers
  • Over 50 associations supported with the donation of our products

The pillars of our Responsible Progress