Supply Chain

We have always chosen our suppliers carefully, and we know them in person.

“We have always known our suppliers in person and we share with them the passion for things ‘done well’. Without them, it would be impossible to generate the excellence that stems from the enthusiasm of those working alongside us in creating a sustainability guideline and in giving value to the project for a better world”.

Marta Gorlero
Product Marketing Manager

Gino De Andreis
Quality Control Manager

Research, awareness, focus on:

Sharing values and objectives with our staff and suppliers

Promoting sustainable farming practices

Improving the land and its economic and production frame

1. The Olive Code

Created with our Oil Division that consists of over 200 small and very small extra virgin olive oil producers

2. The Goodness Code

Created with our Food Division that consists of over 60 suppliers of food specialties and of complementary packaging and material

3. The Beauty Code

Created with our Cosmetic Division that consists of 15 suppliers of cosmetics and packaging

4. The Delivery Code

Created with our Transport Division that consists of about 140 small owners-operators in charge of delivering our products door to door


1.The Olive Code



small and very small extra virgin olive oil producers in our Oil Division

It is the tool that allows our oil suppliers to constantly monitor the sustainability level of their farming and processing activities. Starting from shared values, it envisages 4 fields of focus with clearly defined objectives:

- reduce energy consumption
- eliminate the waste of water
- abolish non-recyclable waste

- respect basic human needs
- guarantee safety at the workplace

- keep the soil healthy
- guarantee crop healthiness
- protect the ecosystem
- preserve the natural landscape

- comply with sustainability parameters
- marginalize the use of fossil fuels
- drastically reduce wasting

2.The Goodness Code



suppliers of food specialties, packaging and complementary materials of our Food Division

The Division is committed to achieving the objectives set down by the Goodness Code with regard to two basic macro-areas:

- sustainability of all phases of production of the food specialties (cultivation, resources, technology, persons)

- reduction in the quantity of materials and use of recyclable, biodegradable and renewable materials

3.The Beauty Code



suppliers of cosmetics and packaging of our Cosmetics Division

The Beauty Code is the guide shared by Mediterranea and by its suppliers for achieving and upgrading concrete results throughout all aspects of the production chain:

- composition based on the best quality olive oils and on exclusively natural ingredients

- protection of the lands and of the tradition of medicinal herbs cultivation

- reduction in the quantity of materials and use of recyclable, biodegradable and renewable materials

- reduction in the use of energy and of non-renewable natural resources

4.The Delivery Code



owners-operators of our Transport Division

This Code shows the actual commitment to continuing our ‘door to door delivery’ tradition in an increasingly sustainable manner, by reducing vehicle fuel consumption thanks to best practices and proper behavior regarding:

- PLANNING and rationalization of routes