Materials and Products

Our unwavering choice has always been for very high quality.

“We are committed to winning our most important challenge: offering products of very high quality that are increasingly sustainable in all of their life cycle phases. Our one sole objective: to contribute in ‘regenerating’ precious environmental resources in tune with the rhythms and equilibria of Nature”.

Marcello Porro
Packaging and Warehouse Manager

Alessandro Anemone
Purchasing Managers

Marta Gorlero
Product Marketing Manager

Care, responsibility, knowledge for:


and improving the sustainability of each phase of the life cycle of our products


the use of ‘environmentally-friendly’ materials


the highest levels of quality, genuineness and naturalness of our products


  • 100% recyclable materials in the pack of our oils
  • 8827 analyses conducted by our in-house lab

  • 99,9% differentiated materials on the total weight of all our packs


  • 100% of ‘short’ recipes for our food specialties, using only natural ingredients

  • 39% of the product lines subjected to SLCA - Sustainable Life Cycle Analysis
  • -40% the environmental impact of the new boxes for jars of food specialties

The pillars of our Responsible Progress