Energy and Resources

Wasting means lack of respect. That is why we have always avoided wasting resources.

“We believe that energy and natural resources are sources of life and of well-being for the human kind. We know they are not unlimited. This is why we do not waste them and we use only electricity generated from renewable sources. An indispensable choice if we wish to guarantee the chance of having a future”.

Federico Calzamiglia
Operations Manager

Vittorio Zeviani
Technical office

Innovation, respect, commitment to:

constantly reducing the use of non-renewable natural resources

reduce the quantity of waste



900,000 Kwh

of electric power self-produced with our photovoltaic system



of renewable electric power used in our plant



of the company’s areas is lit by low-energy light bulbs



1,035 tons

less of CO2 achieved by changes made to olive oil packaging /p>



of the waste in our plant is sorted for separated waste collection



of purified water returned to the local hydro system at the end of plant processing