Fratelli Carli: a family business

Our being a ‘family business’ is our strength. It signifies the assurance of continuity and of loyalty to our story that we share with the many people who assist us in doing what we have always done: make good fruits from solid roots.

Our vision

"We want to be the point of reference in the dissemination of Mediterranean gastronomic and cultural tradition, without compromises regarding ethics and quality, in a way that respects the environment and people."

Gian Franco Carli
President and CEO

Our Values


Our guiding principle: don’t just do, do well. This is why we can guarantee top quality and focus on every detail, always.


Looking back in time we have taken ideas to renew our approach, creating a unique style that can transmit the care we put in our work.


Being a part of the daily eating habits of families is a great responsibility that we take seriously, because we know that this trust must be repaid with quality, care and respect.


We are always open to innovation, with respect for the predominance of experience. We work in the era of evolved tradition, focused on preserving our uniqueness.

Together to build a new enterprise model

Our Sustainability Committee consists of the representatives of all of the company’s functions. It guides and coordinates everyone’s efforts towards being a company that can contribute to the creation of a new social and development model.

Carlo Carli
General Manager

A story based on quality and sustainability

Our roots are in farming and in traditional Ligurian life. This is a region that has handed down through the generations a passion for quality, love for the land, respect for people, for work and for the cycle of the seasons. This is why we have always felt ‘naturally sustainable’.

The pillars of our Responsible Progress


Clients and employees have always been part of the family

We offer our clients products and services of excellence and we motivate the people who work with us.

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Materials and Products

Our unwavering choice has always been for very high quality

We analyze and improve sustainability in every life phase of our products and we support the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

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The Supply Chain

We have always chosen our suppliers carefully, and we know them in person

We share our values and our goals with our employees and our suppliers so we can contribute together to a new development model.

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Energy and Resources

Wasting means lack of respect. That is why we have always avoided wasting resources

We reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources and the quantity of production-generated waste. 

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Mediterranean Culture and Tradition

We have been spreading the culture of sustainability and of healthy eating from the beginning

We promote good practices for a sustainable lifestyle and for healthy eating, in line with Mediterranean tradition.

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